Saturday, 7 May 2016


Love. What is love? Ask people and they would give you different answers. Some would say crazy, some would say stupid. Some would say its non existent while the others would say indescribable. Ask the science people and they would give you a scientific definition which does not truly fit. Nobody knows the exact meaning of love. Everybody has different perceptions based on their own experiences. According to me, love is when you look into the eyes of that person and decide that you would do anything to let the twinkle in their eyes last forever. When you see a smile on their face and you are happy because you are the reason behind that smile. When you are ready to even lose just to see that joy of victory on their face. When every time your heart starts to race and your breath is caught up in your throat by the mere mention of their name. When your knees go weak and you get butterflies in your stomach and a warm fuzzy feeling as they walk towards you.
But love can hurt. It hurts when the person who you would do anything for, is not willing to do the same. When they don't get the same feeling u do every time you walk towards them. When you love them with all your heart but they don't love you back. It pains. But we are so deeply in love with them that we learn to live with the pain. We embrace it. We continue to love them with all the pieces of our heart, shattered by the pain. We continue to lose. We continue to sacrifice. Hoping that maybe the person would love us back yet knowing at the back of our minds that there is not a chance. At night, we spend hours crying and the fuzzy feeling is replaced with an emptiness, a void feeling. Our mind & heart engage in countless debates. Our heart tells us to keep loving them. There still might be a chance while our mind says otherwise. And every night, the mind wins. But every morning when you see them smiling at you & walking towards you, the fuzzy feeling is back and the butterflies in your stomach return and your knees go weak once again. Once again, you can't help but to fall in love with them. The resolution to stop loving them fails epic-ally. And your heart takes control. That's love. Crazy, stupid, indescribable, senseless love.

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