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Love. What is love? Ask people and they would give you different answers. Some would say crazy, some would say stupid. Some would say its non existent while the others would say indescribable. Ask the science people and they would give you a scientific definition which does not truly fit. Nobody knows the exact meaning of love. Everybody has different perceptions based on their own experiences. According to me, love is when you look into the eyes of that person and decide that you would do anything to let the twinkle in their eyes last forever. When you see a smile on their face and you are happy because you are the reason behind that smile. When you are ready to even lose just to see that joy of victory on their face. When every time your heart starts to race and your breath is caught up in your throat by the mere mention of their name. When your knees go weak and you get butterflies in your stomach and a warm fuzzy feeling as they walk towards you.
But love can hurt. It hurts when the person who you would do anything for, is not willing to do the same. When they don't get the same feeling u do every time you walk towards them. When you love them with all your heart but they don't love you back. It pains. But we are so deeply in love with them that we learn to live with the pain. We embrace it. We continue to love them with all the pieces of our heart, shattered by the pain. We continue to lose. We continue to sacrifice. Hoping that maybe the person would love us back yet knowing at the back of our minds that there is not a chance. At night, we spend hours crying and the fuzzy feeling is replaced with an emptiness, a void feeling. Our mind & heart engage in countless debates. Our heart tells us to keep loving them. There still might be a chance while our mind says otherwise. And every night, the mind wins. But every morning when you see them smiling at you & walking towards you, the fuzzy feeling is back and the butterflies in your stomach return and your knees go weak once again. Once again, you can't help but to fall in love with them. The resolution to stop loving them fails epic-ally. And your heart takes control. That's love. Crazy, stupid, indescribable, senseless love.

5 quick tech hacks!

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Just a musing

I believe that growing up is a parody. It’s a parody of our beliefs. It’s the parody of how we think, and it’s one of the single most cruel thing that happens to everybody, on a daily basis.” That’s what he thought when he was walking down the footpath.
There was a time, when reasons held deeper meanings. When, he knew what everything meant. When he was 8, the thing that scared him, was the darkness. After a while, it was silence. Time has a funny way of making itself felt. What he feared, turned into what he hated, and then it became the familiar commuter- The one who annoys you so much, that you start admiring him.
20 years later, there are things that scare him. He often pondered, what really scares him now. Was he really scared? Were there any reasons to be scared? Reasons, for now, have lost their meanings. Maybe, it’s the fact that I have nothing, that scares me. Emptiness is terrifying, because it nudges us to find something within. When you have no one around, you look inside to find something that would make you feel something. For him, that was scarier.
Somewhere along the way, he had lost the desire to fill himself. Was it the reason why he considered himself sadder than the most melancholic person in the world? Talking about ways, the way back to ‘home’ was extremely scary for him.
With each batch of passing crowd, he felt envy engraved on him, with sharper chisels. More often than not, there would be this guy with a phone, to which he spoke with an eye-twinkling smile. There would be this woman, warning her toddler, not to stamp its feet in the puddle and then there would be the sharpest jab, from the couple, who held hands in the shape of a heart.
He would re-position the the strap of his bag, hoping that it would make him comfortable. The weight of the work was always comforting. “At least, I have got something to when I am home”. He would avert his eyes, pretending to look at his shiny boots. The faces were all different, but they all reminded him of the same thing.
Sometimes, when you are doing simple things around the house, maybe you’ll think of me and smile,"  he thought. It had once inspired him, to find someone who would smile for him. He realized, not very soon, that thing’s tearfully difficult. It still is!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. It is a secular organization open to all people  regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference. There are 34,282 clubs and over  1.2 million members worldwide.

Rotaract is a club that works under Rotary.
"Rotaract" stands for "Rotary in Action". The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.
To be eligible for membership, prospective members must be 18–30 years of age, show that they are committed  to Rotaract, and show that they are of good standing in the community. After being approved by the club,  prospective members are 'inducted' to become members, also known as 'Rotaractors'. Clubs generally charge a small annual membership fee to cover costs.

Rotary provides money, rotaract provides service. And together we work for the community and for our own development. Rotaract works in 4 avenues :- 

1)Community service
2)International service
3)Professional development
4)Club service and Peer service

The first is easy to understand. We have different projects to help people who belongs to an underprivileged section
of the society. This would include projects like teaching the poor ones, computer centres, blood banks and many other different
interesting projects. We're always open to ideas from our members.

The second not many clubs do, its basically collaborating with clubs outside India. We have our best members serving
as representatives to go to a different country for a very subsidized cost or even free to represent our club to that
country and make an influence there. We would be doing projects under this banner. We have got a good team who had past experiences
in this field. If you're interested to visit another country at a cost that looks like you're visiting some place in India
Rotaract is the right place for you.

The third is for development of members. Like say workshops for women regarding self defence or personality development
classes for the members or debate sessions etc. You have to always make yourselves better and this is one of the best place to
do that.

The 4th is basically things to help the club, like fund raising and all.
The main aim of RC is not to just help people. It's to give you an exposure to various things like management and doing work on your own.
This section will include parties, club events, award distributions, Pujo celebrations, Awards for Pujo etc
You don't HAVE to attend all projects but I would advise you attend a few, trust me they are good fun

And each club has a board, which consist of directors for different avenues, a treasurer, a secretary and joint secretary, a president
and of course a vice president.
So these guys make up the board and their tenure is for a year.

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Here you can downlad all resources linked to the Book - Data Communications & Networking by Behrouz A. Forouzan 4e.

The slides are prepared by Forouzan himself and are a great companion and substitute to the book.
The flashcards provided help in quick recall.
Also the solutions to problems of the bookhave also been provided.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Apps to follow FIFA World Cup 2014 on smatphone, tablet

As the biggest sporting event on the planet picks up pace and given the timings these are telecast in India here's a list of must have apps across Android, iOS and Windows Phone to follow the FIFA World Cup round the clock.

1) FIFA - Official app

The official FIFA app brings you exclusive coverage from the planet's biggest single-sporting event. The app promises to give you all the latest news updates, game highlights, video interviews and in-depth features of every game and team participating in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. One cool feature of the app is “Global Stadium” which lets you pick any of the 64 matches and get live, minute-by-minute update of the action. This app is also great if you’re looking for exclusive content from the FIFA World Cup, something that won’t be licensed out to any other media partner.

Free download - AndroidiOS

2) Liv Sports app

If you didn't know this already, Sony LIV has the official rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2014 in the Indian subcontinent, and this is their official app which is available on Android and iOS platforms. After installing the app on your smart device, go forward to create a login profile for using the app. You need to buy the entire FIFA World Cup tournament viewing pack to be able to enjoy live HD streams of the games on your smartphone or tablet, and we highly recommend you do the same – as it only costs Rs. 120, which is very affordable if you come to think of it. Alternatively, if you just want to catch the live matches of any particular team, go ahead and do just that for just Rs. 60. Real-time stats and commentary to all the games are also provided within the LIV Sports app.
Free download - AndroidiOS

3) ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup app

Probably the most comprehensive coverage you could ever get in one single app related to the FIFA World Cup 2014. This app is built on and fuelled by the extensive reporting and coverage by ESPN’s staff and football experts present not in Brazil – where the current world cup is hosted and kicks off later tonight – but also from around the world. Through this one app, you stand to get news, reviews, features, opinions, and exclusive video from the football world cup. Not just that, but everything you’ve come to expect from ESPN’s brand of football and sport coverage on the tele you’ll get more than just a glimpse of that through this app for all the events related to the FIFA World Cup staged in Brazil.
Free download - AndroidiOS

4) BBC Sport app

The BBC does a very good job of keeping track of football news from around the world, with insightful analysis and features. Coming in just in time before the FIFA World Cup kicks off later tonight, the fully dedicated BBC Sports app just received a facelift and some key enhancements that make it a great app to have around on your device to track the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your smartphone or tablet. Live coverage of the 31 matches that BBC has the rights to broadcast will be covered in the app. Apart from highlights, custom alerts, this app is also powered by World Cup Breakfast, a special programme available for offline viewing which recaps the past night’s games through BBC football pundits.
Free download - AndroidiOSWindows Phone
5) Univision Deportes - 24x7 live streaming 

One of the best ways to catch continuous live streams of all the football world cup action is to install this app on your Android or iOS device. The app is rated very highly and vouched by football fanatics who just want to livestream a football game onto their Android phone or tablet or iOS device. Not only does this app promise to give you live stream of every FIFA World Cup game, but it also seemingly claims to provide the capability to rewind livestream – awesome! Its only drawback is the app is designed in Spanish, but in the age of Google Translate that’s an easy caveat to work around.
Free download - AndroidiOS
6) Onefootball Brasil - World Cup app

Made by a company based in Berlin, this is a cool, nice-looking app for you to install on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device and stay up-to-date with all the happenings of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The app does one thing very well, which is to let users pick a favourite team. Once that’s done, the app automatically creates a list of customized feed (with articles, videos, social updates, etc) around that team with push notifications and updates to keep you constantly informed about their fortunes at the football world cup. Apart from match schedules, the app also includes real-time game commentary, player profiles, and tournament updates.
Free download - AndroidiOSWindows Phone
7) Forza Soccer / Football app

If you’re one of those who doesn’t have enough football crazy friends in real life, and are contemplating how to enjoy the FIFA Football World Cup in grim isolation, you’ve got nothing to worry. We have you covered with the Forza Soccer / Football app, which is slightly different from all the apps we’ve covered so far. Apart from giving you live match updates from every game at the football world cup, and other bells and whistles around the games, the Forza app also has a forum for fan polls and opinions. After every game, you can rate a team’s, player’s or manager’s performance, and see how you perform in terms of others who rate and assess similar teams and players. It promises to be a lot of fun and give you some much-needed virtual engagement and feeling part of a shared brotherhood of football fans around the world who’re using and interacting with the same app.
Free download - AndroidiOS

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

3 Ways To Access Blocked Websites And Secure Yourself Online

Have you ever come across this message? Even if you haven't, chances are that you just might someday. This occurs when you try to access a blocked website. A website may be blocked by your ISP or by some WEB MONITORING programs that may be used in school, office, college or a cafe.

Also, whenever you are browsing online, your IP address which is a unique address for your device is tracked and noted down in web servers. Anyone might be able to track your exact location using just your ip address.

But, do not worry!!! There are ways to get around such things. I will teach you three foolproof methods by which you can browse online without a trace and even access blocked websites. They are :

1. Proxy-Servers

Chances are you've heard of a proxy server, but you may not understand how it works. A proxy server can be considered to be a middle man that connects your computer and the internet. Its functions will process all the requests you make, save all the files that you download, and essentially perform all the tasks you want to perform on the Internet. 

Some trusted proxy servers :

N.B. : The anonymizer site is in russian. You can easily translate it to english by Right-clicking and Selecting Translate to English option in Google Chrome.

2. Virtual Private Network

Once you connect to a VPN service a secure internet connection is established between your internet service provider and VPN's internet service provider. Everything you do online is 'encrypted' and essentially anonymous; anyone trying to break into your internet connection to steal sensitive data (e.g. on public Wifi networks) will not be able to because your web traffic is securely hidden. Websites you visit, usernames and passwords used to login to websites, people you talk to online, and files you download and share will be out of sight by third-parties trying to monitor your online usage and potentially steal sensitive information from you.
Not only is your online traffic anonymized, your online identity in the form of an 'IP address' is also hidden. Your IP address is essentially your 'online fingerprint' and identification to the rest of the online world. Your IP address can tell people and websites your physical location and which internet service provider you are using. You wouldn't show your identity to a random person in the street, so why would you reveal your online identity and location to potentially millions of online strangers?
In short : 
 > It creates tunnel so it's safe
 > Faster than Proxy Servers
 > It's safe because it does not keep any kind of logs. 
 > Even if it keeps, it can keep max up to 15 mins.

Free VPN's :
Purchase - or

3. Tor

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.
Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location.

Download the latest version of Tor Bundle from here

Was this article helpful? Are you happier now, knowing that you can browse the web anonymously without any fear? Let us know your views and queries.